Services: Designing the User Experience

Control DesignUser centered design is an approach to product development that emphasizes keeping the end user “front and center” throughout the product development process. The underlying philosophy is that product developers who stay attuned to the concerns, thought processes, habits, and preferences of the people who currently use or who will use their products will develop interfaces, products, and services that are easier to use, more useful, and more enjoyable for their customers.

Services include a range of activities intended to help designers develop an in-depth understanding of their target audiences and to obtain direct and indirect user feedback to inform the development process. PR&D provides User Centered Design services that are customized to be maximally useful for various stages of the product development cycle as well as for the unique needs of clients. These services include:

  • Heuristic analysis
  • User requirements gathering and analysis
  • Use Case analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Storyboarding of User Interfaces
  • User Advocacy
  • User Observation/Site Visits
  • User Feedback Services (e.g., usability testing, one-on-one interviews, user focus groups, user panels, etc.)
  • Competitive user interface analysis