Services: Survey Research

Survey researchElectronic Surveys provide an opportunity to obtain quick feedback and information from large numbers of user/customers about issues related to online/software services and products. Electronic Surveys can be implemented in a variety of ways for different purposes. For example, surveys can be inserted in e-mail messages which users complete and return by responding to the e-mail message. Alternatively, survey recipients can be sent an e-mail message with an embedded link to a web site where they can complete a (user-friendly) Web based survey.

PR&D plans and conducts Electronic Surveys to help our clients obtain rapid feedback from large numbers of users/customers about their needs, attitudes, preferences, and behaviors. Well planned and implemented Electronic Surveys with carefully selected participants provide opportunities to learn about a variety of issues including:

  • attitudes and preferences related to online services and products
  • customer satisfaction with online services and products or software
  • customer needs and desires (e.g., "wish list") which can inform product development and redesign and help companies stay ahead of the development curve

At PR&D, we use our expertise in research in general and Electronic Surveys in particular, to help our clients make business decisions about product development, improve the design of user interfaces, and enhance users' experiences with and satisfaction with their services and products.

Effective Electronic Surveys require:

  • A clear understanding of the learning objectives. The first step in any research is to have a clear idea of what you hope to learn. We collaborate with our clients in identifying and refining the key questions and learning objectives for Electronic Surveys.
  • Translation of questions and objectives into a Survey Research Plan. This includes careful identification of target audiences as well as the design of online strategies for reaching those audiences and achieving high survey response rates. A Survey Research Plan also includes the construction of survey questions that will be clear to recipients and meet the learning objectives.
  • Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation. PR&D uses state of the art techniques for electronic data collection and analysis to enable rapid data extraction from surveys and analysis of results. We can rapidly adapt surveys so that they can be implemented electronically while allowing efficient data analysis. In addition, we work with our clients to make sense of the survey data so that they can successfully use the information to help with product development and marketing.